Tenant Improvements


Interior Finish Remodel

The Problem
The construction management firm originally hired for this project had been making their own decisions without the consent of the client. They were making changes to the design that had already been agreed upon and were removing existing finishes on the building’s interior without a clearly defined scope of work.
The Solution
We were brought on to fix the issues the previous firm had created, and the first step was to stop work intermittently, define the issues that needed to be addressed, and establish the scope of work remaining to complete the project.
The Outcome
Each of the floors had extensive work done through demolition of existing floors and walls and refinishing with updated, beautiful styles. The common area was refinished as well, and modernized with new appliances, counters, a sound system, and an AV deck. Overall we took a broken project, systematically repaired it, saw it through to completion, and left the client stress-free.