Integrative Design-Build Services

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Why Design-Build?

For projects that need to adhere to a strict budget, scheduling deadlines, or even for just minimizing stress and complications, design-build service is a must. Design-build allows you to ensure that your vision is sustained throughout the life of the project, as you are working directly with us from the design phase through the construction phase.

We will collaborate with you through each step of the project life cycle to ensure that not only your project’s needs are fulfilled, but also that they are above and beyond industry standards in safety and efficiency. We understand that complications may arise due to increased complexity of a project, and are committed to streamlining the process in order to minimize issues and maintain the project’s timeline and budget.

We dive deeper into the benefits of the design-build project delivery system in our blog post.

Design-Build Services Include:

  • Design
    • Photo Level Rendering
    • Interior Design
    • Fixtures, Furnishings, and Equipment
  • Architecture
    • Programming
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Development
  • Construction Management
    • Project Management
    • Project Audit
    • Commissioning

If you have any questions about the design-build process, are unsure if design-build is right for your project, or would like more information about our services, feel free to use the contact form below and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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