Visualizing Your Next Project

With Realistic 3D Rendering

Why 3D Rendering?

Whether it be for commercial or residential developments, having a clear visual reference is an essential tool in ensuring that your vision is maintained throughout the project design phase.

At Bowman, we are dedicated to providing unique, creative solutions catered to your specific design needs. We do this by adopting the latest technology in 3D rendering and providing you with accurate, realistic renders to allow you to completely visualize the space and its opportunities. You will be able to fully embrace the concept of your design complete with realistic lighting and shadows, materiality, and landscaping.

We pride ourselves in maintaining consistent communication with our clients to meet and exceed their expectations through regular live reviews throughout the design process – we believe that your exact vision should become a reality.

What We Offer:

We provide an array of photo realistic, comprehensive rendering and design services with quick turn around including:

  • 3D Exterior Rendering
  • 3D Interior Rendering
  • 3D Flythroughs
  • 3D 360° Panoramic Rendering
  • Architectural Drawings
  • 3D Floor Plans

Not Sure What You Need?

Not a problem at all! We have simplified our architectural rendering services into five levels to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Level 0.5: Pre-planning Visualization

For the client looking for a quick visualization of the proposed project or to communicate scope of work more clearly, this render level uses multiple images of the space with the design solutions superimposed onto the photo. This promotes clear definition and maintenance of the scope of work.








Level 1 : Conceptual Visualization Design

This level of rendering will provide the client with a clear visualization of the space with basic color matching textures. If applicable, exterior buildings will be massed out to include basic components and existing conditions of major elements. Level 1 renderings will not detail textures, entourage or vegetation. The primary design element will be given the most detailing in this level of rendering. For contractors, this is the fastest way to visualize logistical planning and process.

  Level 1 RenderLevel 1 Render 2





 Level 2: Developed Visualization Design

This level will provide the client with a more detailed visualization of the proposed design with basic textures overlays such as walls, floors, glass and entourage within the space. Generic lighting will be added to visualize shadows on elements. Context will still be massed accordingly to give a better feel for size and layout of the space. Contractors will be able to utilize this level for clearer communication of design elements to clients or owners.

Level 2 Render 2







 Level 3: Complete Visualization Design

This level of rendering provides the client will the closest feel of what the space or building will look like with adjacent context. Lighting will be enhanced to closely match the proposed realistic, natural lighting of the space. Detailed, accurate material will be added to closely mimic proposed flooring, walls, furniture, and decoration. Entourage is added to assist in visualizing the use of the space, and vegetation brings more life to the render.

Level 3 Render 3Level 3 Render 1Level 3 Render 2






Level 4: Fly-through of Design

Using a fly-through allows the client to view all aspects of their completed design in real-time, giving them a comprehensive look at how all elements work together to realize their vision. Fly-through presentation is useful for identifying design issues and addressing them in the early stages of a project, rather than during the build where budget and scheduling may be compromised. They are also a great marketing tool for presenting ideas and generating interest in a project.

Scroll down to view some of our 3D architectural fly-through videos.


Level 5: Virtual Reality Integration

Taking advantage of recent advancements in virtual reality technology, we allow the client to fully immerse themselves into their design by placing them virtually into the rendered space. Virtual reality presents an opportunity or clients to have a sense of both the atmosphere and scale of their project. It also is very useful in marketing designs as it evokes the “wow” factor of innovative technology in the industry.


Our Process

Creating Realistic, Beautiful Renders

Your Vision
We start off by setting up a meeting with you to better understand your design criteria in terms of spatial arrangement and aesthetic. We will also work through the best angles to showcase the best aspects of your design. Whether you supply us with CAD files or a raw sketch on a paper napkin, we work diligently to create a unique design that is both functional and practical.
Our Reality
After this meeting, we begin to outline the spatial arrangement and overall layout of the design. Once that is confirmed, the space begins to come to life, with architectural elements, materiality, lighting, and landscaping added to your specific aesthetic vision. We value your feedback and make any necessary changes that may arise during this process.
Your Design
After making these changes, we finalize the project and render the space in 4K high definition so that every minute detail is visible in the design. We can also provide you with a 3D flythrough of the space so that you can visualize the design in its entirety in real-time.

View Our Renders

3D Flythroughs

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3D Panoramic Rendering